Confidence and Money Mindset Shifts

Income Breakthroughs for Women

"When you Value You, the World will, too."

"When you Value You,

the World will, too."

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Are You Driving With The Brakes On?

Driving with the brakes on is a total drag.

It really doesn't have to be so darn hard. Take the brakes off with help from me – and then, full speed ahead with your business!  

Good news: there's nothing wrong with you (whew !)

  • If your income is stuck, if you're driving with the brakes on... if you know your business isn't where you want it to be.. there is a problem to be addressed.  But please don't go telling yourself, "I'm not cut out for success".  
  • Your first instinct might be to go get more business training or hire a coach to work on strategy. But that may NOT be what you need right now.  
  • Before you buy yet another course, or do an expensive website re-do, it's important to uncover the real source of the problem.  As Einstein said, "you can't dissolve a problem with the same consciousness that created it."
  •  Most of our financial results are shaped – far more than we realize – by the fears, limiting beliefs and 'survival programming' – fight-or-flight that we have around money.
  • Trying to grow your business with these blocks and limiting beliefs can be a huge waste of money and your precious time.  You can easily spend thousands on marketing, business coaching or courses you don't really need. I myself did that for years before waking up to the real roots of the problem.
  •  Even worse – if you keep throwing money at courses and the wrong coaching  without seeing results, you could even lose motivation and give up. Let's take that option off the table – starting now.

What to do next?

  • First, please be compassionate with yourself – these blocks are not easy to find on your own – they are below our conscious awareness. And everyone has them!  
  • Having the support of an experienced coach who is very familiar with money blocks is essential – to help uncover what's in your way.  It's a universal law: we can't find what we don't know is there.
  •  Compassionate skilled guidance is also needed because we often have shame and self-judgement about our income or finances.  
  • Are you ready and willing to do what it takes to change this situation? Are you willing to be uncomfortable and stretch, in order to break through to new levels of prosperity and fulfillment?  The shift begins the moment you commit to changing.  As soon as you commit, all kinds of insight and support will start to show up.  I promise!  
  • Why work with me? Working with the RIGHT expert help can save you years, tons of struggle and stress, and money too.   I know the pain, the struggle, the health and relationship challenges that can come from financial lack and lack of fulfillment from first-hand experience and from working with hundreds of clients.  It doesn't have to be that way for you.
  • As a getting unstuck expert, I can help you pinpoint – and then transformplaces where you are stuck.  Whether it's strategic and practical guidance, OR clearing unconscious blocks, or bothI have the skills you need.  

Are you done with the struggle, and ready to take your  business and your life to a whole new level? if so, then it would be my joy, honor and pleasure to assist you.

I offer you my expertise as well as great understanding and compassion. I hold our work together in a safe and sacred container, which makes it easier to face and release your old patterns, free yourself up and start realizing your potential.  

I can help you create or grow a  business that makes a true contribution, while also nourishing your soul, body, heart and spirit. I can help you get where you want to go a whole lot faster and easier.    

Allow me to shorten your learning and growth curve. 

Life rewards actionwhat action are you willing to take today? 

To your prosperous, joyful and thriving life and business 


PS  Working with me comes with a "2-F" Bonus: FUN and FREEING THE FEMININE.

FUN: Humor, laughter, and playfulnessyes!

FREEING THE FEMININE:  Pleasure as your GPS, learning how to be more receptive, in your creative, magnetic flowyes and more yes!

VIP Breakthrough Days

In just 4 hours, clear what might otherwise take weeks or months.

Shine Out and Prosper VIP Day

Stop Being A Well-Kept Secret, Serve More People And Get Well-Paid Too. Break Free Of Your Fears Of Visibility And Being Exposed And Too 'Out There'.  Strengthen your Boundaries at the same Time that you Become more open and Receptive, Increase your Radiance, Confidence and Magnetism. Learn to increase your hidden Attraction Powers so you can Easily Draw to you What you Desire--more Clients, money, Opportunities, Positive Attention, Recognition & Success.  

Income Growth VIP Day

Reset Your Income Set-Point, Clear money Blocks and Raise Your Prosperity Vibe.  Let Go of Over-giving, Under-earning, and self-deprivation.  Liberate yourself from Limiting Beliefs about Money and Deservingness, Loyalty Vows, Family & Ancestral Patterns.  Say goodbye to Push-pull Counter-intentions that keep you driving with the Brakes On Leave Your Session Unblocked, Energized & Empowered .  Clear your path to Earning More with Ease, Joy & Grace.

Believe in Your Value VIP Days

You are Enough--More than Enough!  Would you like to...stand in your value and the results you deliver?....stop chasing certifications and bright shiny objects and use that energy for getting your work out there more powerfully? Are you ready to feel more solid, confident, secure and deserving so you can asking for higher fees and receive them?  

I'd love to help you break free from those doubting voices, perfectionism, second-guessing yourself, from self-criticism, comparing and feeling less than others, habits of shrinking and apologizing. Buh-bye!

It is Time...Time for You to Believe in Your Value. 


R.L. - Owner of  Lavery Design Associates

Ellen’s work is powerful and has helped me come up with creative new strategies after my business had been impacted by the economy. Old patterns and negative thoughts were creeping in, but our work together has helped me focus, tap into my goals and have a clearer understanding of the part I play in my own destiny.

R.L. - Lavery Design Associates

This work has been powerful yet subtle as I shed lots of entrenched hangups and move forward. The overall “lightness” of spirit I FEEL is real, as the film of density inside me is being neutralized or released. The process is definitely helping me feel more confident and peaceful. I`ve also gotten more business leads for presentations that have seemed to come “out of the blue”. I am full of gratitude for these awesome gifts of Spirit and recognize them as the result of these clearings. Ellen, you are #1 on the list!

Terry Gilligan, RN
- Fresh Start Enterprises

Our work–right before a trade show, which I usually don’t look forward to–was perfect timing. I enjoyed this trade show more than any others. I was more present for family and business than I ever have been. The calm that has come to my thoughts and being from our work is something I have dreamed of for years. Thank you for your amazing work and for being so aware.

S.G. - DogLeggs

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