the solution is behind which of these 7 doors?

Who’s in charge–you or the ‘experts’?

Time to trust YOU? or get more info & advice from an expert?

As a business owner you’re asked to make decisions all the time. It can get overwhelming. How DO you determine what you really need at any given moment?

Do you often find yourself in busy mind mode, scanning through all the options over and over, stressing out as you try to figure out–or guess–which door will lead to the ‘magic’ solution? Is it #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7? Ay yay yay!

You might be tempted to get expert advice, more coaching, read another book, take another course. Those things do have their place. But if you’re doing any of those things INSTEAD of making core decisions about your business, avoiding taking action, you’re giving up your power and leadership. Kind of like a pilot who lets her instruments completely determine the flight path and doesn’t redirect when the plane goes off course or encounters unexpected conditions.

Doing these kinds of things seems innocent, and you can easily feel like you’re are taking purposeful action. But be honest with yourself–are you really moving your business ahead? Is all that webinar surfing, signing up for challenges, video watching, signing up for a coach’s sexy free offer giving you clarity?

Trying to follow other people’s success recipes –when you haven’t checked in with yourself first about how they feel and how they fit you–and are they aligned for you–how well has that worked so far?

Another thing many of us do–usually driven by imposter syndrome, or not good enough….is going from training to training, adding yet another certification. 

It’s so easy, and so seductive, to keep chasing ‘the latest, shiniest new strategy’, continuing to feel like you don’t know enough and have to keep learning from experts.  But, beware! Those bright shiny objects can eat up time, money and energy, and even cost you progress.

Keep this in mind too: telling you there is one proven formula is a great marketing strategy.  Why? It creates scarcity and fear of missing out—which make you want to buy. But fear and scarcity are not the highest vibration to be acting from.   

Furthermore, it’s just not true–‘one proven formula that will work for everyone’ is a myth.  If you look around you can see many successful businesses doing things in their own way.

Especially when we are talking about soul aligned businesses that are very individualized and essence driven, not ‘selling widgets’.

Don’t get down on yourself, be kind. Then, PLEASE…before you do anything else..take a deep breath. Forgive yourself, come back to the present moment.

Next, invite you to check in with yourself. The body doesn’t lie. Take a quick notice of your breathing and your body…are you feeling a little frenzied, anxious, tense, up in your head…? Those are warning signs something’s off. There’s a message you haven’t gotten yet from your inner knowing.

 But one quick second…I am not against training or knowledge. It’s only when it’s being used as a crutch or to avoid risk and decisions that it’s a problem. Having a good business foundation IS important and necessary. So, if you are new to business or haven’t had a basic foundational training in it, I recommend you do a good course or two, before going after specific tactics or spending ages creating a fancy website.  That will get you more grounded and less likely to keep hopping from expert to expert.

Where? Maybe the foundational business training offered by Heart of Business, marketing training from Tad Hargrave, or Marie Forleo’s B school. Make sure the type of training you do is relevant to the type of business you are creating—and feels good to your heart!

It’s kind of my inside joke, but would you like my MBA and 30 years of being in business in one sentence?  

To have a successful business: Offer something people need or want, that they value enough to pay what you’re asking. Get the offer in front of them consistently, and sell at a profit.   Of course, there’s a lot more to know to actually implement this.  Yet the basics are not that complicated.

But if you’re here, you’re not just selling ‘widgets’ or generic services. You’re here to create a successful soul-aligned business. That means going beyond the basic nuts and bolts of a for profit business. For that soul-aligned success, I’m sorry to say–well, not really–there is no formula. Each of us has our own unique soul calling and our businesses even within the same industry, will each have a special flavor to them.

How do you bring your heart, your soul, your feelings, and your values in? How about your creativity and imagination, your gut knowing and intuition? What about your desire to create contribution and a positive impact on the planet, not just making a buck or two.

What we need is our own soul-aligned inner GPS. There are ways, and techniques to develop more intuition, trust in yourself and your inner guidance. You can learn how to access your inner knowing, your gut knowing, to use along with the practical how-to-do it info.

You can energetically ACTIVATE the true potential of your business. I’d love to show you more…stay tuned!  

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