About Ellen

Ellen is a prosperity catalyst for women who want to make a bigger difference in the world. She guides them to move more fully into their power, self-expression and confidence—to become the force for positive change that they are meant to be. She is passionate about empowering women and helping them break free of apologizing, undervaluing themselves and limiting their own success. 

Her passion is fueled by watching so many talented women struggling to believe in themselves and not having the impact and prosperity they deserve.   Ellen knows this journey first hand.  That enables her to offer compassion, the wisdom from her personal experiences, and many transformational tools she learned along the way.  Another important 'why' for Ellen, in wanting to empower women, is deeply personal and comes from losing her brilliant mother too early from lack of confidence, money fears, and a derailed career.   

Why ‘Prosperity Catalyst’? A catalyst creates an essential change in something and then disappears.  That's a good description of what her clients experience working with her, and being around her energy.  Her calm, deeply grounded spiritual presence, along with her powerful transformational methods and practical wisdom create a kind of business alchemy, a natural transformation.  Clients gain clarity, focus and direction, and move into an empowered, magnetic state—where they can more easily attract whatever they want and need. 

Ellen teaches women to break free of their income ‘glass ceilings’ , patterns of under-earning, overworking and self-deprivation.  She helps them clear limiting beliefs, and overcome conflicts about money, success and being more visible. Her clients learn to believe in themselves more, and are freed up to get their work and message out there. 

She guides them in creating the business and lifestyle they are drawn to create, based on their soul guidance, not on someone else’s ‘formula’. They get liberated from hidden fears, money shame and “Money Ostrich” behavior. By addressing mindset blocks and limiting beliefs, they shift out of whatever keeps them frozen, stuck, and in struggle. They stop working way too hard with little to show for it, chasing bright shiny objects or yet another certification.  

Ellen's clients expand their vision of what is possible for them. They can then have a larger reach and impact, make the difference they are here to make, and grow their income in a way that feels joyful and soul-aligned. 

Ellen’s work weaves business, psychology and spirituality together. She seamlessly blends business and teaching expertise with skills in clearing emotional, psychological and money blocks. Her business background (MBA/CPA) includes 15 years in corporate, 20 years as an entrepreneur. 

She has also taught business to college students, Native American artists, and other artists and healers. She is known for her calm, clear teaching style and for taking the mystery and intimidation out of finances and marketing. She can easily segue from strategy and business coaching to the inner game of money and confidence. 

Transforming money issues is a special focus. Many of us have layers and layers of “stuff” around money—mostly hidden in the subconscious. To help her clients—and herself--Ellen has studied and acquired many skills and processes for clearing money blocks. She’s currently integrating her own original body of Money Clearing & Alignment work into her practice.

A life-long learner, she has over 7 professional certifications and advanced training which includes: Tapping into Wealth Coaching, Resonance Repatterning, Registered Polarity Practitioner, Compassionate Body-Oriented Gestalt therapy, Reiki, Sedona method coaching and more. She is a certified teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence, Kripalu Chakra-dance, and Mogadao Medical Qigong. 

Ellen left the concrete canyons of New York City in 2008 for the sweeping canyons of the Southwest.  She has reinvited her life several times, and she's not done yet.  She followed the mystical call of a mountain to come to Santa Fe, where she grows roses, studies and practices Qigong and sacred Daoist sexuality.  She loves to hike, dance, swim, read, relax in the garden, participate in sacred ceremonies for the earth and song circles. She practices qigong under the open sky and savors the  ever changing beauty of the clouds and the light in New Mexico. She also participates in several spiritual communities and cherishes her global family of chosen friends. 

Read below or listen here for Ellen’s message:

Everything I offer you comes from my life experience, years of working with clients and my own journey with entrepreneurship. I’ve been there and have learned SO much, that I now get to share with you.

I spent years, struggling on alone, investing in business training and coaching that didn’t work for me—that I couldn’t, or didn’t implement. I learned and tried to follow business models that just didn’t fit, based on traditional ‘masculine’ business advice. I spent many thousands, running up crazy debt trying to make it work. Perfectionism, indecision and being isolated were also part of the problem I couldn’t see. Because I was unaware of what was really holding me back, everything was much harder and slower than it had to be.

I didn’t have the support and made-for-me guidance that would have made all the difference. I did things the hard way—but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that for you. 

Now I get to offer you the kind of support that I wish I had had—that I didn’t even know I needed--the kind of support that every visionary woman entrepreneur needs. I can help you shorten your learning curve and grow your business faster, more easily and in a more supported way. And to have it feel good, fun and pleasurable—the feminine way.

I work with women at all stages. I offer different ways to work with me depending on your needs, what works for you, your learning style, and your budget. I offer courses, products, coaching groups, short term one on one coaching or even rapid breakthrough VIP DAYS for transformation, support and practical guidance—at any level. As you move forward into greater success, you can benefit from longer coaching packages, VIP days & private retreats. 

Wherever you are in your journey, I look forward to working with you and being of support. May you—and your business--be the change you wish to see in the world! 

Many blessings,