I work with entrepreneurs who are stuck at a certain level, and find it hard and slow to grow their business. They've tried to get better at marketing, maybe invested in coaching or a better website, but something is still in the way. The missing piece usually isn't strategy or how their website looks--it's those tricky blocks about money and confidence, our hidden beliefs about not deserving, etc. Because they are below our conscious awareness, they're hard to find on our own. I help entrepreneurs rewire themselves for more prosperity and to finally break through their Upper Limits so they can earn more and have the satisfaction of making a bigger difference by serving more people. (Upper limits are self-imposed income and fulfillment glass ceilings, mostly below our awareness).

Business Reimagined: Re-create our world through Language

It’s been coming on for a while (oh maybe about 30 years) but this morning I suddenly find myself feeling allergic to the testosterone-laden, dominator culture, purely transactional and dehumanizing language commonly used in business.  The metaphors that are used—even by heart centered, peace loving people–are from war, sports and competition.  They are connected with …

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Unapologetically Wide (excerpt)

The first time I heard this phrase, spoken by master Qigong teacher Daisy Lee, “Unapologetically Wide”, it set off a deep vibrating “yes” in my body.  It felt like an answer to a question I didn’t realize I’d been asking all my life, without even knowing. This is the stance of taking up my full …

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Abundance Is

What would it be like?
To live abundance in your bones?

What if the Sun, the Moon, the Stars are shining their light,
To make your eyes bright.