Transformational Coaching 

What would it take for you to grow your business faster and more easily, to earn more and enjoy it more?  

Maybe you're doing all the 'right' things but not seeing the results.  You might be throwing money at training, courses and how-to might be working really hard, or spending a ton on marketing.   You might be procrastinating, not taking action, or be inconsistent in your marketing.  

Maybe your biz is going along okay--but something stops you from taking it to the next level. 

Do NOT start telling yourself there's something wrong with you or that you're just not meant to succeed.  Let go of blaming, shaming and judging yourself.  It's not your fault--you just haven't gotten the blocks out of the way yet.  When you do then any strategies you adopt, as long as they are aligned for you, will work a heck of a lot better!  

When you have hidden beliefs, conflicting intentions and other negative internal programming in your way, it is SO much harder to make progress and expand in your business.  Most of us have hidden income set points (clue: what is your highest-earning year?) making it much more of a struggle to get past that.  We can be in conflict about making more money, being more visible, and be torn between wanting to earn more, and wanting to work less. 

It's easy to lose valuable time and momentum--and money--focusing on 'what to do' or 'how to do it' before you get aligned and clear  about your business and path to prosperity.  Can you really afford NOT to deal with the blocks?

If you are in your own way with money and success blocks--most of us are, to some degree, without realizing it--f your manifesting magnetism and positive business growth 'signal' isn't turned on, you'll keep running on the hamster wheel of busy-ness, overwork and buying more coaching. It's exhausting, frustrated and discouraging.   

That is a tough place to be.  I've been there--I know. I almost gave up several times.  I don't want that for you...let's nip that in the bud, shall we?  It CAN get easier.  I promise! 

The thing is, each time I cycled through the frustration and wanting to give up, I found yet another layer--I'd go through a deep cycle of personal growth and addressing my money issues.   I was one of those people with a LOT of negative programming. which forced me to become an expert in identifying and clearing money blocks.  Most people don't have quite as many blocks as I did, fortunately! But overcoming my challenges forced me to acquire an in-depth knowledge--and quite an extensive toolkit.  Along with my Sherlock Holmes detective skills for finding your hidden blocks to prosperity--plus a boatload of compassion to offer you. 

I'm a business coach and an MBA--so yes, there's definitely a place for plans and goals, for the how to's and the strategies.  But all the practical learning, the systems, the how-to's, the goal setting--aren't going to work well, or it's going to be slower and harder than it has to be.  

Even the best strategies and advice won't work for you--if they're not aligned, and if your subconscious programming is in the way. You might resist implementing what you learn, hiring help, doing what you need to do....getting in your own way, unknowingly.    

Besides the hidden blocks--which are so hard to find because we don't know what we don't know--you probably already know what some of the blocks are. Even so, then what?  Do you know how to get free of them? I do! 

That's where my work come in. First thing we'll do, is identify and then address at the root--what’s really stopping you. Get you unblocked, clear, focused and aligned.  Turn on the excitement, high happy vibes, boost your confidence, and replace the old patterns with empowering beliefs and actions that will lead to success.  

This is what I've been helping my clients with for 25 years. 

I would LOVE to help you get to your next level of fulfillment, prosperity, and joyful service—and have a lot more fun along the way.   Let MY challenges, and all that I've learned and overcome, now become YOUR advantage--let me shorten and ease your growth and learning curve. 

Take the shortcut: Work with me and save years and thousands of dollars--maybe even your health or your marriage too. Let’s get you those breakthroughs so you can create the business and life you desire and deserve. 

Isn't it time to stop spinning your wheels, chasing those 'guaranteed winning strategies' that never seem to really fit, or work for you? Isn't  it time to get on track with YOUR dreams and create YOUR soul-aligned, feels-right thriving business? 

I can’t wait to see you thrive, prosper and make an even greater difference – what about you?

Coaching Packages


(6-8 Weeks)

Get clear & focused on your direction and next steps. Identify and clear some specific blocks and strengthen your resonance with your goals, dreams and next steps. 

INCLUDES: Strategic Attraction Plan + 3 coaching sessions and email support


(4 Months)

Create a solid foundation for success, by identifying the stuck places,  hidden conflicts and limiting beliefs. Replace them with new neural pathways that lead to empowering beliefs, a positive mindset and motivation to stay on track.

INCLUDES Strategic Attraction Plan + 1 VIP Day + 5 additional coaching sessions

Transform Your Mindset

(6 Months)

Create your success blueprint and build on it--sustain your momentum as you move into action with your business, getting support as new challenges come up (some issues don’t even show up until we start taking action and getting results, like fears of being visible, or fears of overwork and having no life). 

6 months allow you to make sustainable, long lasting changes and ongoing results. 

You will continue to grow and take things to the next level.

Make significant progress towards your most joyful expansive possibilities.

INCLUDES Strategic Attraction Plan + 2 VIP Days + 8 additional coaching sessions
  • Each coaching package begins with a Strategic Attraction Plan & Activation. (90 minutes to 2 hours, with some pre-work from you). This is where you will create or update your strategic attraction plan and make sure you are energetically switched on for the plan and getting results.
  • Individual coaching sessions are 60-75 minutes and can be used for business coaching (planning, strategy, accountability, problem-solving) OR transformational work. 
  • VIP Intensive Days –  1 VIP Day is included in the 4 month BLUEPRINT program
  • 2 VIP days are included in the 6-month TRANSFORM package.

VIP Days can also be purchased separately at the current price ($697 through the end of the year) 

What else do you get?

  • Email support up to 90 minutes per month.  
  • In the moment access during coaching salon hours.


Try these focused options to get started and see shifts/results right away.

You can upgrade within 2 months of your first session, to a coaching package and apply $100 of your initial fee to a 4 or 6 month program. 


VIP Intensive Days - Get things unstuck and moving fast.  In one 4-hour VIP Intensive Day we can clear what might take 3-6 months otherwise. We’ll get a TON of stuff moved, and you’ll leave feeling lighter, more energized, clear on your focus and next steps, and ready to move forward.    

You can upgrade to a private coaching package!  Learn more here


Three sessions of breakthrough coaching on any topic - $450.