Your Clear Path to Prosperity

A breakthrough program for quickly clearing those mindset blocks out of the way

Moving forward is always easier when you clear the roadblocks slowing your progress. Roadblocks like limiting beliefs, memories of past failures or disappointment, your critical inner voice, fears or inner conflicts about money and success, other money blocks, feeling undeserving.

Everyone has inner blocks. Some of us have quite a lot of them. We may or may not what they are, but if you are human, I can pretty much guarantee you there are some in there!

Please don’t judge yourself—and know that even successful people have them. The difference? They don’t let the blocks run the show. They make a decision to not be stopped. Then, if needed, they seek out help to move those blocks out of the way.

And so can you.

That is exactly what this 6 week clearing series is designed to do.

How do you know if you have these blocks? Tell-tale signs: 
  • Feeling stuck in any aspect of growing your business
  • Continuing to learn, buying programs or coaching and not taking action
  • Taking action, but not getting results*
  • Working hard but the income just isn’t where you want it to be*
  • Getting frustrated, and starting to get down on yourself. 
  • Wanting to give up. You’re discouraged, it’s just too hard or too much, and you might even be burned out.

*These two usually are a sign you have both inner blocks AND something needs to be changed…your messaging or offer may need to be tweaked or revisited. Not everything is a mindset block! ????

What exactly are these elusive mindset blocks? How DO you find and clear them?

Some you already know about. Things like: Fear of success, a belief that success means having no life, fear of visibility, lack of confidence, second guessing yourself, perfectionism, maybe even imposter syndrome.

It’s awesome that you are so self-aware. Awareness is essential—but by itself, it usually is not enough.

You also need two more steps. First, you also need to change your vibration or frequency—which affects what you attract and magnetize. Second, you need to make new choices and take action. (which is a lot easier from a higher frequency and more positive mindset). With all three steps, you will see results!

I joined Ellen’s group program on Retraining Your Brain to Celebrate Progress. In that group I met several wonderful small business owners.  We all set our goals and reached them. I doubled my curriculum sales which was great. I also felt more confident and secure in having people see me in this new way--as a business owner.

Tracey Bradley, Austin, Tx. 

What about the blocks you don’t even know about?  

Lots of things are driving your behavior that are like a computer operating system. Out of sight, but running the show. This is what we call your subconscious programming—much of which was ingrained before the age of 8.

Because they are held in your subconscious mind, they are below your awareness. That makes them tricky to identify and shift, on your own.

But happily, you don’t have to do that work on your own!

Let me be your go-to gal for this….I’d love to offer you my support, deep care and compassion and expertise as a pattern detective. I’ve been at this clearing work for almost 30 years. I know what to look for, and I know how to guide you in releasing these blocks. I’ve had my share of these blocks myself and I’ve guided many other business owners through the processing getting clear.

I use the fabulous technology of the Accelerated Block Clearing system—my evolution of Resonance Repatterning. It’s a type of energy psychology work that you haven’t heard of before.

This work is laser like and helps to zero in, then rapidly clear whatever is in your way. It’s focused and fast working, yet I also offer you safety and a non-judgemental place to name and release this stuff.

WHAT TO EXPECT: here is what is possible for you, what I have seen with almost all of my clients

First: the struggle switch gets turned off, so everything gets lighter and more enjoyable.

Second: You gain clarity, boost your confidence,faith in yourself and find yourself moving naturally into action. What a relief to stop spinning, overthinking and just getting stuff done.

Third: You show up in your business feeling more empowered and positive, you make better decisions and your actions generate more results. (Like new clients, a feeling of momentum, income, opportunities, creative ideas).

Join Us, and Clear Your Path to Prosperity! 

I look forward to leading you through this program. It’s Six powerful Block Clearing Sessions to get you unstuck, into action and getting results. Make your marketing, client attraction and other business activities easier, more enjoyable.

I guarantee caring community, inspiration and powerful transformation. And you get to LIGHTEN UP! Once you get into the groove of clearing blocks, and letting go of shame and blame, or feeling really gets to be fascinating and even FUN.

What have you got to lose except those limiting beliefs?

We will: Shift your mindset/vibration from Problems &Lack -- to New Possibilities and Abundance.

Each session will identify and clear blocks, using the Accelerated Block Clearing (ABC) system.

What blocks might we address in a session?  

I can’t say for sure, because the session topics are customized to the group. But here are the types of things we’ll go hunting for and sending on their way:

  • Negative beliefs about success, receiving and being deserving.
  • Upper limit blocks (how good can you stand it? Hidden fears about things being too good)
  • Places where you are driving with the brakes on--inner conflicts, ambivalence or ickiness around business, money, marketing, self promotion.
  • Self defeating self-talk and negative beliefs about yourself. 
Customized sessions:  

We will use the ABC process each time, but what we address in each session will be unique, and tailored to the group.

Course and Call-in Details:  

Our sessions take place, live via Zoom. You will still be included in the energy work (by proxy, or distance) even if you can’t join a session or two. All sessions are recorded.

Talk to me if you want to join but can’t attend any of the sessions. There IS a way.


Wednesdays, 7-8:15 pm Eastern time. March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10 via Zoom. 

Easy to Fit in Time Commitment

Less than 3 hours a week. Mainly it’s about showing up for the live calls or listening to the recording. This work is designed to be easy but effective.

New Program Pricing:

I’ve offered these types of group clearing sessions many the work is not new. But the way I’ve put it together in this format is I’m happy to offer this at a very special beta price of $197. In the future it will likely be $297.

Bonus for Early Sign-up:

The first three who sign up will also receive a half hour private session ($90 value). Class size is limited to 12.

Your choice of how to use this half hour:

  1. A laser block clearing session
  2. Block clearing by distance
  3. Money energy transmission.
  4. Credit towards a full 75 minute private session.

Please Register by March 3

Can’t wait to gift the SPECIAL BONUS TO FIRST 3 WHO SIGN UP!

Special Beta Price: $197 only

This work can make a real difference in moving your business forward.
Come play with us in the Playground of Possibilities and raise your money and prosperity vibe!