Healing Work

Healing Work

My passion and life’s work is about empowering women and helping them heal, so they can FINALLY believe in themselves. I am a 30 year energy healer, coach, and counselor. I myself lived shy and in the background for many years. so I really understand that. My own journey of healing, growing from many life challenges, and expanding through risk taking, allows me to guide and inspire other women to find their courage, to be seen and heard, and live unapologetically.

I support my clients to emerge from their ‘cocoon’ and fly free from the old stories of past pain, trauma, and disappointment.  I help them learn to stand in their own truth, and escape the tyranny of other people’s opinions and judgements. From that place they begin to honor and trust their feelings, and inner knowing. They learn to set boundaries and treat themselves with love and compassion. They find the strength to stand for what really matters.

I’ve walked in two worlds for many years. I’ve had dual careers–one in business and finance with an MBA/CPA. The other career as a healer, coach and counselor includes extensive training (more than 8 certifications) and working with more than 3000 clients individually or in groups and classes. My work is heart centered, spiritual and nature-based, deeply practical and well grounded.

What’s working with me like, and how fast does it work?

I am no longer surprised to hear this from my clients: “A single session with you was like a year of talk therapy” because I’ve heard that quite a bit.

We do get right to the point with these sessions, clear things on multiple levels, not only the mental conscious awareness so the work is deeper and more thorough, and we cover a LOT of ground!

Of course, individual results will vary. It depends largely on a few things– your goals for the work, and how many layers there are to clear, and how quickly your system processes change.

The process is fast, laser focused and powerful, but not scary or overwhelming. You’ll enter a place of safety where healing is so much easier as you receive the benefits of my counseling skills, compassion, warmth and finely tuned sensitivity. I’m known for holding you in a caring non-judgmental presence, so that you feel seen, heard, and met. With encouragement, humor, playfulness, and calm groundedness, you find hope and inspiration. I offer you fresh perspectives and wisdom from a lifetime of studying the human spirit and the process of healing, plus teachings around natural cycles and the ways of the feminine. I can also teach you some simple grounded and emotional self-care techniques.

I support you to forgive yourself and be open to fresh starts. You widen your sense of what is possible for you and and can expand your horizons–and your life–with ease and grace.

It’s common to feel noticeable results from a single session, and to make significant progress in one area in just a few sessions. When you choose to work with me over a longer time frame, 6 months to a year, you can clear long standing issues and old patterns. You can receive support to move through challenges or times of transition, loss or uncertainty. You can even reinvent one more more area of your life!

Why is the work powerful and fast? A big reason are the techniques themselves. I always sought out techniques that are powerful and efficient–that quickly get to the root of things and clear them. another reason results are magnified is because we work with many levels at once. We work with the conscious mind (which is where many therapies and coaching stop) PLUS the subconscious mind, the energy field and nervous stem also get addressed.

The other reason is a bit more mysterious and intangible. It has to do with my frequency–my vibration or my energy–and how it impacts people. Often, people change just being around me–not only clients, but friends, and people who read my blog. There seems to be an alchemy that occurs, maybe because my whole life has been about deep transformation. (If you know astrology, my chart with most of the planets in the 8th and 9th houses and 4 planets in the 29th degree).

Not only my energy but my intention for each person I work with and for each person whose life I touch: It is my prayer and intention to facilitate rapid healing and growth. Life is so speeded up now–and my clients are people who don’t want to wait months or years to see change!

Who is this work for?

The way I work is gentle but direct, so it’s only for those who are ready and willing to change. You do need to reach the Point of Choice–where you say, enough of this old pattern, I am ready for a change. Even if it feels a little scary and unknown. I will support you in self-acceptance and non-judgement, and help you come the point of making new empowering choices, but ultimately you are the one who has to choose.

Sometimes we can’t see ourselves clearly or know how ready we are…this is something I am happy to explore with you in an initial conversation. If it’s not the right time, I will recommend other options.

My work can be for a particular season or reason. I also have long term mentoring clients who I’ve supported at various points in their lives.

I love making a difference in my clients lives. Often someone will work ith me for a while, until they feel happy with the shifts. But then they return months or even years later to clear through other issues or new layers that come up. It’s been my honor and a precious gift, to know and work with an inner circle of clients for more than 20 years. For them I am a trusted mentor and guide, where they know they can tap in as they need to. There’s a special magic in being heard, witnessed and held by someone who’s known you a long time.

What can I expect in a session?

I create and hold a safe and sacred space in which all things are possible I do my best to offer you a non-judgmental, welcoming presence, where you can feel deeply seen, heard and received. I promise to provide compassion, warmth, powerful insight, encouragement and playfulness where your healing can be gentler and easier but also faster. Even long standing patterns that feel like ‘this is just who I am’ can be changed.  

Despite what you may have been told–or experienced in the past–healing doesn’t have to be hard, painful or take forever. Some courage and willingness to be look at some uncomfortable things IS needed, but working with me makes it all easier and more joyful.

As a pattern detective & block buster, Ellen is an expert in uncovering and helping you clear what has been boxing you in and holding you back. She knows exactly what to look for, and how to help you clear the conditioning and slave-self programs that are not serving you.

What kind of stuff gets uncovered? It might include childhood patterns, suppressed memories, stuck emotions, trauma, abuse or neglect….it might also be inherited or ancestral stuff, past life issues, money blocks, not feeling worthy and deserving, inability to set boundaries, self-neglect,  impostor syndrome and other confidence challenges, loyalty and poverty vows, chakra distortions, and energetic interference from others. 

What does a session actually look like–what happens?

Ellen works intuitively and is also guided by kinesiology or muscle checking (a way to access the subconscious mind).  She moves fluidly through the session—each one is unique—but is also guided by systems and structures.  She has a massive toolkit of techniques to tap into and tests to see which tool will work best in the moment. That toolkit includes energy psychology techniques such as Resonance Repatterning and EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), energy healing and clearing, coaching, intuitive and movement modalities. It may also include shamanic clearing, Reiki and Polarity, sound healing, movement and dance, principles of Chinese medicine, ancestral alchemy, the Art of Feminine Presence and sacred Daoist sexuality.

A session is generally 75 minutes, but we allow for 90 minutes for the first session.  Ellen works mainly by phone or online (video or audio only, using Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime), by appointment. For best results, Ellen recommends a 3 or 6 session package, or a longer more customized program that includes other services and benefits beyond the sessions themselves. The process begins with an initial conversation and a single session.

For more details on types of sessions, see Services Offered, below:

More about Ellen:

Ellen’s adventurous grounded spirit and path of reinvention and overcoming challenges, has guided her through many life reinventions, losses and triumphs, including three major cross country/international moves, countless career reinventions, depression, corporate burn out, building a business, bankruptcy, being self-supporting since age 19, surviving a dear one’s suicide, death of a partner, developing healthier boundaries and breaking free of co-dependence, exploring and the evolving beyond several different spiritual paths.

Ellen loves to explore, grow, play, dance and be in nature. She’s a dancer, writer, poet, and teacher of Qigong, Chakra Dance and the Art of Feminine Presence. Her most recent adventures find her living and establishing a new life in the magical town of Patzcuaro, in Mexico’s central highlands.

Services offered:

Here are the individual processes and types of sessions I offer.  We begin by me tuning in and muscle testing which process(es) will be most helpful to you. You can also request a particular process or type of session.

Energy Psychology Processes –  Working with the subconscious mind to clear limiting beliefs and energy blocks—and much more.

Resonance Repatterning (r)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping or EFT)

Body-Oriented Gestalt/Parts Work

Energy Clearing and Healing:

Shamanic Clearing

Ancestral Alchemy

Polarity and Reiki

Chakra Clearing

Therapeutic Kinesiology/Soul Clearing/Vow Clearing


Transformational Business, Money and Prosperity Coaching

Tapping into Wealth Coaching

Women’s Empowerment – Art of Feminine Presence, Embodiment (dance, movement and qigong)

Intuitive Services:

Intuitive Reading

Wise Woman Guidance and witnessing

Kinesiology (Muscle Checking) and Tuning into your Body/Nature’s Intelligence

Animal Communication & Emotional Healing

Customized Guided Healing & Visualization (recorded)

Classes: private or small group lessons

Learn Kinesiology (also called) Muscle Checking for Awareness and Empowerment

Art of Feminine Presence embodiment processes

Healing Movement (Qigong, Chakra Dance, Movement meditation)

Feminine Power Initiations

Learn Sedona Method Learn Emotional Fre