What’s Different About Me

There are tons of business and money mindset coaches now. What’s special and different about me?

If you’ve read anything else on this site, you probably already suspect that I am not your average MBA/CPA business coach. What I offer is the fruit of the twin journeys I’ve been on my entire life—business AND personal evolution/healing/spirituality. For me, and the kind of people I work with—soul, heart and body can't and shouldn't be separate from you and your business.  This is the only way it's going to be fulfilling and sustainable. 

Who You are is Unique – so is your business

While there are some fundamental principles to making a business work, there are so many models and ways to create success.  I  help you discover what will work for you, not fit you into a cookie-cutter business model.  This is about your desired lifestyle, but--and this is a piece some coaches miss--it's also about what's going to work for you based on your personal profile, how you are wired.  I'll introduce you to systems that can give you more self-understanding about your marketing and financial archetypes and your Human Design.

I hold the space for you to find your deepest desires, live from your values, build a business that feels good and right, and to create a lifestyle that nourishes you. There is room for YOU here…can you feel it? Let’s both take a breath!

There are many colors in the rainbow.  Let's discover what yours are and help them shine.  Speaking of colors: I color outside the lines, myself, and will completely encourage you to do that. 

I’m anti-hype - I support your Right-sized Income and realistic perspectives on business

Another way I’m different: I don’t bang a drum for earning 6 or 7 figures. The drum I bang is for YOUR right sized income and lifestyle—which might or might not be 6 or 7 figures.

I am a clear and kind, but also a no-hype, no sugarcoating-the-truth kind of coach. It takes time and work to build and run a business. Most ‘overnight’ successes took years of trial and error, or quietly growing roots under the soil, before taking off. It can be faster with clarity and the right support, but it will take some time. If anyone tells you otherwise, get out of there fast.

You’ve taken on a challenging, long term project as a business owner. In order to stay the course and make that difference, in order to succeed, you need to find a powerful why—emotional fuel and passion that will keep you going.  And you need to keep reconnecting with that why from time to time, to stay motivated.  I'll teach you empowering self talk and show you great positive psychology tips for staying energized and positive, include "retrain your brain to celebrate progress".  

You know you’ve ‘found your why’ when you feel aligned with what you’re doing, and when you aren’t being run by fears and negative programming about work, struggle, and money. So even though you’re working and putting energy into it, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be more joyful and easeful—even if you’re working hard.

Being in business means staying in business over time.  That means staying motivated, and knowing how to get your mojo back when you need to.  It also means knowing when to take a break for play, self-nurturing and family social time, not being your own slavedriver.   

Reframing business as a personal growth and spiritual journey

I offer a new perspective on business as a personal growth and spiritual journey.  When you see it as a journey, that is about soul growth as much as anything, it's easier to appreciate what happens every day, not just when you reach specific goals. You celebrate the growth and progress, and who you are becoming.  When you live in celebration, life is more joyful, and you notice the positive things so much more. You begin to measure your success in a much broader way—it’s not just about a particular income level or size of your client list.

Seeing business this way adds to your satisfaction and inner peace, makes you feel better about yourself, and helps you stay on track even in the face of ups and downs. As we redefine true success, we create soul-aligned businesses that are fulfilling and lot more fun to run.

If you are making a living from your business, then keeping it afloat requires that you make sales and profits. Clearly the money does matter, and we do focus on it in the coaching work.  

Still, for the clients I work with—and for me—success has to be about more than money.

Holistic success, sustainable success has to consider us, our well-being and happiness, our families and community and even the planet. It has to be about contribution and service, fueled by passion and a sense of purpose. If not, it simply won’t work. Our bodies, hearts and souls won’t be able to sustain it over time.

How I work—intuitively, following your energy and process and with compassion.

Sure, with my accounting background, I can bottom-line it and whip out a spreadsheet with the best of them. I can and will help you work with the numbers and create a business plan. But I go further, helping you create a strategic attraction plan and plan of action that brings your aliveness and magnetic energy into it.

I have a unique ability to follow the flow of my clients.  I was trained, first through Polarity therapy and later through Resonance Repatterning, to listen and follow a person’s energy, meet it, and then help redirect it. Everything is guided by what I pick up from you intuitively. Even when I am using systems and processes—I am still following your energy and my fine-tuned intuition. 

What does that mean for you? Your coaching sessions are fine-tuned and effective. I am flowing with you and your energy, not imposing goals or a certain coaching style on you.  When you feel 'met', heard, seen, respected, understood, valued and deeply cared for—you feel safe and relaxed and more receptive to healing and your highest good.  In that atmosphere, powerful change happens far faster and more easily.

Business coaching, like business itself, doesn’t have to be brutish and bruising. It can be kind, compassionate and life-giving and effective, at the same time.

I bring multiple frameworks and perspectives to our work

I work organically and with a wide range of approaches. I can easily shift between left brain (logical/analytic/verbal) and right brain (feeling visual, symbolic), as needed.

Besides my foundational frames of business and energy healing/psychology, when relevant, I’ll drawn on perspectives and teachings from my lifetime of study. This includes wisdom from the yogic/Hindu tradition, Advaita, and Daoism, my work with Nature intelligence & natural cycles, universal/spiritual prosperity teachings, and embodiment arts—qigong, ChakraDance and Feminine Presence practices.

What else is different about my way of working?

My coaching is highly individualized--no more spinning your wheels with overly general group coaching or self-study programs that get you nowhere. This is tailored to fit you.

One-stop-shopping: Some people teach mindset and belief clearing, while others focus on business strategy. I have the flexibility to go where YOU need to go—addressing things on a psychological, practical, even spiritual level—even within the same session.

The final ingredient in the sauce: the special flavor of Laughter, Playfulness, Movement, Positivity and Pleasure.

Ready to get started or learn more?

I offer several different ways for you to work with me. Please check out the Work with Me tab to get familiar. Then I’m happy to book your session or set up a 15-minute consultation to explore how we can work together.

To your Joyful Manifesting and Prosperity,