My story, who I am,

and why I’m so passionate about this work

It begins, and comes full circle now, with business:

I went to business school in New York City in the 1980’s, and was immersed in corporate culture there through the late 90’s-- but I never drank the Kool-Aid. I experienced unhealthy extremes and the effects of our culture’s huge, unhealed psychological shadow about power, authority and conformity. It seems I had to get as far away from who I really am to back away from that into” my true path.

Extreme overwork and abusive treatment in my first professional job as an accountant led to a time of depletion and dramatic exhaustion—I was only in my late 20’s but was so fatigued I couldn’t get up two flights of stairs. It was my first wake up call up call that I would need to change direction. I was given a vision of where my current path would lead—and where, if I didn’t change, my soul and likely my body would begin to wither away.

My healing journey:

After my radical depletion in my accounting career, I came to Kripalu center in the Berkshires. There I had a mystical experience in a session which led to my studying Polarity therapy—my first modality. It went on from there as I continued to heal, and over the course of more than 20 years, received, practiced, learned and started to offer sessions based on the variety of methods I was learning.

As I studied, received healing myself, and deepened on my spiritual path, I was slowly preparing to take the leap. In 1999 I left my corporate accounting career and began my healing practice. Ever since, it’s been an ongoing personal growth intensive in learning how to grow and sustain my own business.

Over the years I learned how to nourish myself and how to create a life that truly supported my health. I began to learn who I was and what made me tick. It began with the body, and then learning about the psyche, soul and spirit. I bring all of that to my work as a business coach.

Meet the Real Me: A Conversational Truth Guide & What That Means to You

All these labels fit:

  • Trained accountant who can bottom-line it and whip out spreadsheets with the best of them.
  • Experienced business educator and coach.
  • Certified energy healer and movement teacher.
  • But these roles are the easy label, that act as a ‘storefront’ for what I really do.
  • I am a prosperity catalyst, which means people naturally transform around me.
  • I am also a Conversational Truth Guide working the fields of business and money (I highly recommend Beth Grant’s Marketing Alignment Grid to learn about your marketing archetype.

As a Conversational Truth Guide, I don’t impose my answer or truth on you. Instead, I invite and guide you to discover yours.

Some coaches can only teach you a formula based on what worked for them. I won’t. I’ll offer you options and suggestions, not insist that there is only one way that works. Business is a creative dynamic process…there are principles that work, systems, and ways to make it faster and easier, and even more fun. That still gives you a ton of creative latitude.