Learn the secret reason why—and a fast working solution for breaking free of this uphill battle.

Are you working hard, doing ‘all the right things', investing heavily in marketing or strategy and not seeing the results you want? Do you keep trying things that aren't really working, or following business advice that doesn't fit and doesn't feel good?

The real problem is that you're trying to solve a problem with strategy that is not coming from practical or strategic issues. As Einstein once said, “You can't dissolve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.”

Which is what many of us do. We try to resolve stuck or slow income growth, cash flow problems, and other business challenges with strategy and marketing ONLY. When that doesn't work, because we aren't addressing the real root of the problem, we get panicky and do more of what isn't working. It's a vicious cycle and can get expensive and demoralizing, fast.

We don't know what we don't know, and so we go around in circles. 

Then--as if wasting money on solutions that don't work and spinning your wheels wasn't bad enough—you can pile even more negativity on top of that with blaming or doubting yourself, questioning your value, and giving your Inner Critic a season pass to wail away on your confidence. Yeah: You definitely need a plan B.


This is the deal: if you're alive, you have money blocks—we all do. Even if you grew up comfortably or in affluence. We have fundamental wiring in our brains that impairs our ability to handle money and business calmly and logically.

When I said, “We don't know what we don't know” I meant this: We can't see these blocks, these fears and limiting beliefs, because they are buried deep in our subconscious mind—below our conscious awareness. But they are extremely powerful. Research shows that 85-90% of our behavior is driven by the less evolved parts of our brain—our reptilian, survival brain, and our mammalian or emotional brain.

The thing is, unless you're trained to see them and work with them, these blocks will stay hidden—and continue to run a large part of the show. NOT your more analytical, logical, problem solving brain. Which one do YOU want in charge of your business?

When you can dig into the layers and find out what is really in here—usually a tangled-up mass of emotions, inner conflicts, confusion and contradictions—and start to shift this stuff, you can stop spinning your wheels, self-flagellating and second guessing yourself. You can feel safe saying no to distractions and expensive bright shiny objects, too.

And blessedly, see how fast things can open up in your business. Can you feel the relief already?

It's a little shocking  to learn how our psyche operates. We first evolved in a very tough, scary world---much of our time and brain power was spent trying to stay alive and keep our families alive. Our days were spent on the lookout for danger and figuring out how to escape or avoid it. We were looking over our shoulder for predators or trying to make sure we had enough food that we wouldn't starve. Our next level of brain development was our emotional brain—that part of us that is concerned with social safety—belonging to a group, bonding with others emotionally. These two ‘lower' brains account for way most of our behavior and our choices. 

Even though we no longer face daily fears of being eaten by a tiger or running out of food, our brains haven't really caught up to modern life yet. The brain is always scanning for any change in the environment, and any changes or disruptions, register as: “This is scary and dangerous” and makes us more fearful and reactive.

That may not exactly sound like good news, but what it means is this:

You are NOT crazy or defective. You just need to rewire your brain.

Okay, let's look at money and business.

Shouldn't financial education or business training, a new business model or marketing plan solve the cash flow crisis or our stalled income growth? Probably—if we could follow the logical business advice and didn't have fears or other blocks in the way.

Research has shown that most of our money behavior is not rational, it's driven by emotion. Behavioral finance—a new field in neuroscience –has shown that because we have money wired up with safety and survival, we often REACT, with fear and anxiety, rather than RESPOND proactively with logic. So even when we have training and we DO ‘know' better, we often don't apply what we know!

Are you ready for the REALLY good news, now? There ARE fantastic, fast working tools to shift all this. And you are about to gain access to them through me. I have spent the last 20 years of my life seeking out the best methods, developing my expertise, and using them to help hundreds of clients, including my own best client—myself! Now it's your turn to benefit.

SUFFERING not required. You've had enough of that already.

Shorten your learning curve, grow your business way faster and with a lot more ease than I did, by getting this stuff out of the way, by rewiring your brain.

I'm the perfect guide to show you how.

Not only do I have the skills to take you through this process, and experience from working with many clients—but I'm also an expert at creating the safety, the supportive atmosphere and the acceptance that will make it all go faster and easier. I create a NO SHAME, NO BLAME zone.

Imagine… getting unstuck in your business, growing your income and your impact without all that struggle and stress. Imagine also, not spending years on your therapist's couch and using up boxes of tissues. That's right--you won't have to.

Remember your vision for your life when you started out in your business? What would it be like to feel happy, not stressed, to get to work, to love your day, make a great living while you work with amazing clients, and enjoy life—and work a whole lot more?

How about knowing, at the end of the day:

“I am making a positive difference in the world. I am making a real contribution and having a real impact. I am making a great income, that provides for my needs and wants and some extra too”

Isn't that what you've been realty longing for?

So, now, the best news of all:

You don't' have to stay stuck or keep ‘waiting' for some magical turnaround to happen.

I know you don't want to keep spinning your wheels. I KNOW you are ready for your breakthrough.

You can join Unleash Your Earning Super-powers and let me help you CREATE those changes NOW. By the end of this year, in less than three months, you can be in a really different place in your business.

This course has a mission: to get you ready, on the launchpad, with an activated, all-blocks-cleared Strategic Attraction Plan.  And to provide measurable mindset shifts!  During this course you'll learn, have fun and have WINS all along the way.  No more frustrating self-study, downloading PDFs for videos, getting overwhelmed.   

Tthis course is LIVE, with Ellen, and experiential.  You'll make shifts right away, in class...and more will unfold over time. 

Check out the details here – get ready for some real change around this money-business-success-thing. Go ahead--put your issues on notice that they are about to be fired or reassigned. Then get yourself signed up!

Join me for Unleash Your Earning Super-Powers,
an 8-week transformational program, with me.

LIVE sessions via Zoom where I guide you, help you SHIFT right on the spot, and give you tools you can continue to use.

This is a group program—and my groups are powerful. I've led women's groups since 2002 and know how to create a strong container and an atmosphere of safety where shift happens. Part of the safety I create is that you don't have to share any more than you want to—ever. Yet each time someone shares honestly, we all heal together.

PRIVATE SESSION UPGRADE is an option, too. Want to keep going after the group ends, super-charge the shifts you made through the course, or address topics privately? Got you covered. Check that out a little further down.


6 weeks of weekly classes, live, with me (recorded for later listening). A workbook with self-guided exercises, and a private Facebook group. We take a break at Thanksgiving and return for 2 bonus sessions in early December.

Classes takes place on Tuesday nights starting October 22, at 5:30 Mountain, 7:30 Eastern. They are live, interactive classes on Zoom. They are all recorded and made available within 24 hours. We'll have a Private Facebook group for interacting outside of class.

Course Modules:

Money & Success Blocks Removed – Part I

  • Healing your Money Blocks & Fear of Success
  • Releasing Noble Poverty & Spiritual Conflicts about Money
  • Clearing your Ancestral Lineages for Life and Financial Fulfillment

Dream Bigger, Courage to Shine and Be Visible, Break Free of Upper Limits

  • Permission to Be Well Paid & to Thrive: Escape the Cycle of Under-earning & Deprivation
  • Clarity and Courage to Ask for More
  • Taking the Leap: Break Free of Upper Limits


  • Strategic Attraction Plan Alignment & Coaching/Q&A  
  • Rewired for Prosperity & Habits of Success


This first set of bonuses helps you to:

  • Connect to your purpose 
  • Expand your impacts
  • Gain clarity and direction
  • Receive guidance
  • Keep moving forward with ease

Find Your Why Self-Guided Workshop
$200 value

Know Your Impact, Own Your Value
$300 value

Access your Soul Stories Workshop
$200 value

Council of Selves Get Unstuck Journey - For dissolving Resistance & Inner Conflicts
$300 value

Total value of these bonuses = $1000


Like carrying Ellen around on your iPhone!

Enjoy these pre-recorded sessions you can use any time. Each session valued at $200 – total value of $800.

  • Clear loyalty vows that hold you back (Ancestral Alchemy)
  • Fire Your Inner Slave Driver - Let go of Perfectionism
  • Tapping into Wealth session - Expand your options with Outrageous Stretch Goals
  • Tapping into Wealth Session - Releasing Invisibility & Deprivation

Each session valued at $200 = Total of $800 Whoa. That's a LOT of life-changing stuff.


What is it worth to you to finally clear your money blocks and step into the flow of true abundance? There is no way for me to set a price for that—unleashing your earning power will pay off for years to come.

But I do believe the course price, just $697, is a great value and very fair price. Add on incredible bonuses totaling $1800 in additional value and you've got quite the deal.

The total value of all this is $2497, but you only pay $697. Okay, smart shoppers, you know what to do!

Your Money Breakthrough is Here!

Ready to give up the uphill battle and say “Yes, Bring On My Prosperity!”

I'll see you on the other side. Can't wait to lead you on this journey to income breakthroughs and freedom from money blocks! 

Prosperity Blessings to you,


Guarantee/Refund Policy:

This is an educational and transformational program, to liberate your earning power, not a specific money-making course. I promise to give you my best skills and attention. I stand behind the value of this course, having worked with hundreds of clients and seeing them make changes. I know that if you participate fully in this program you will make shifts. The timing of those shifts, and how they play out in your life is individual and hard to predict. 

I do want you to feel safe giving this a chance, and stay with it because it seems valuable and worth engaging in. So, if you decide—for whatever reason—this is not for you—you have 14 days to request a full refund, counting from the first day of the class. That request should be made by email to HeartsAbode@gmail.com and if you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please contact me again. Beyond that date, there are no refunds.