Unleash Your Earning Super-powers

Unleash Your Earning Super-powers

Unleash Your Earning Super-powers

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October 3, 2019

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October 3, 2019
12:00nn - 5:00pm MDT
2:00pm - 7:00pm Eastern

If your business isn’t where you want it to be, if you’re overworking, under-earning, struggling, can’t get it to the next level—if you KNOW you are capable of earning more, having a bigger impact and being more… this event is for you.   

You have special super-powers that you have barely tapped into yet—did you know that? Yes, you!

Most of us are sitting on a gold mine of talent, gifts, unexpressed creativity and wisdom, barely tapping into our true earning and fulfillment potential.  You already sense that, don’t you?  You probably wouldn’t be reading this page if you didn’t know more was possible for you.

What is really in your way, what is really holding you back, and what can you do about it? Where do you need to get unleashed to be that powerful force for good in the world that you long to be?

What’s in the way is usually a tangle of limiting beliefs, hidden conflicts and painful memories, buried deep in your subconscious mind. They create survival level, fear based programming, which runs automatically in the background, driving your feelings and actions.  They have a lot of power because they are hidden and automatic—until you shine the light of truth and compassion and transform them. They start to change the minute you see them—good news!-- and there is more you can then do to clear them.  

Clearing these negative programs is the first part. Then you need to replace them with empowering beliefs, feelings and attitudes.  This frees up a ton of energy, opens up your flow of inspiration and motivation, and liberates that gold mine of talent and wisdom you were sitting on. You find your YES, become your own champion, get your message out there, and can then fiercely present for your clients—those you are meant to serve.  

That’s exactly what you’ll learn, from me and a super-charged line up of guest experts. All of them are successful entrepreneurs with their own unique perspectives on the theme for this event: Unleashing your Earning Super-powers. It’s a joy and honor to interview these talented, wise, accomplished guests, and to share with you the weaving of my life’s work: business/money with spirituality, psychology and embodied transformation.  

It’s going to be a learning extravaganza--I’m talking about 5 hours of pure content.  Let us guide and teach you how to create, grow and sustain a thriving business—in a way that feels aligned with your values and good to your heart.

And all this valuable stuff is FREE to support you and your business. All you have to do: sign up and show up. This is one party you don’t want to miss!

 Then keep reading to learn more about the guest line-up.

Our guest line-up and topics

Carmen Wilde

Carmen’s topic is Dare to Expand—Find the Courage to Take Risks.

Carmen is a serial entrepreneur who became wildly successful by the age of 30. She is a business coach who is passionate about encouraging business owners at any age and stage to be Unstoppable.

“Our mind is the greatest challenge on our journey to success. Conquer that and you will be unstoppable.”

Mark’s topic is Right Guidance.

The Right Guidance at the Right time—how to know when you need spiritual or practical guidance. Mark is a spiritual and business teacher offering compassionate practical business training woven with wisdom from the Sufi tradition.

“Emotions are like the weather, they come and go. The danger comes in believing it has to be sunny all the time.”

Ellen Anne Shapiro

Ellen’s topic is Breaking through Income Glass Ceilings & other money blocks.

Ellen, your host, is an accountant, business educator, trained energy healer, coach and Daoist practitioner who weaves all of this together as a mindset coach and breakthrough expert for women who want to grow their business and make a bigger difference.

“True abundance is being your own unique force of good in the world and getting out of your own way.”

Brenda’s topic is How to Become More Confident and Magnetic.

As an award winning actress, storytelling and video coach, as a forgiveness coach who also teaches people how to do their own one-person show, Brenda is uniquely qualified to teach us how to have more presence and get positive attention in front of an audience, on video, talking one on one, and anywhere else you want to create interest, attraction and joyful flow in your life.

“Confidence is an inside job”

Success Secret Panel

Three women entrepreneurs pull back the curtain on their success, and how they unleashed their super-powers.

Karen Curry Parker

Karen is the first guest on our Success Panel: 3 Women Entrepreneurs Pull Back the Curtain and share how THEY unleashed their own earning super-powers. Karen is a nurse turned author, Human Design expert, business coach, mother and joyful Manifesting Generator.

“You are not a number on a scale, or the amount of money in your bank account You are valuable because you exist. Period. The end. And you don’t have anything to prove. Except to yourself.”

Therese is the second guest on our Success Panel: 3 Women Entrepreneurs Pull Back the Curtain and share how THEY unleashed their own earning super-powers. Therese is a professional counselor, and accidental entrepreneur, integrating all of this into her work as a business coach, who helps mission-driven women make more money doing what they love.

“My formula to free you from “who-am-I-to-offer-this?” worry—so you can help those you’re designed to help is this: Remember that it’s not about you!”

Michelle Shaeffer

Michelle is the third guest on our Success Panel: 3 Women Entrepreneurs Pull Back the Curtain and share how THEY unleashed their own earning super-powers. Michelle is a talented blogger, content marketing expert, podcaster and strategic marketing and business coach who works with empath entrepreneurs.

“You CAN give a damn about something bigger than the “bottom line” AND build a profitable business”

October 3, 2019 --  12:00nn - 5:00pm MDT  |  2:00pm - 7:00pm Eastern

Here’s to getting Unleashed and rockin’ this thing called your business,


P.S.  How can you tell if you are blocked, and need to be ‘unleashed’? Some of the signs are:
You can’t grow your income, you’re discouraged or unfulfilled.  You second guess yourself, can’t make decisions, or put yourself out there.

You’re ‘doing all the right things’ but not seeing the results. The coaching and training you’ve invested in isn’t working.
If you’re feeling discouraged or even disillusioned from too much marketing hype, then this one’s for you! You WILL hear new ideas, things you haven’t heard before.
There ARE ways, and more than one—to uncover these super-powers, tap into them and grow your business. You CAN get out of your own way and let your true talent emerge, so you can grow or expand your thriving business. Let me (Ellen) and my 6 guest experts—each a successful entrepreneur-- show you how.

I promise this WON’T be another boring seminar, and 99% positive you’ll make some important shifts through this event.  (There’s always that 1% who don’t really want to change—don’t let that be you).

Let’s get this party started. Register here and please tell others.

October 3, 2019 -- 12:00nn - 5:00pm MDT | 2:00pm - 7:00pm Eastern