VIP Breakthrough Days

Break free in one day from what might otherwise take months or years. Get out of your own way fast!

What’s a VIP Day with me like? 

You get

  • My full presence and focus for four hours
  • Laser insights, profound support, encouragement and compassion 
  • The transformational methods that are right for YOU from my large toolkit
  • 30 days follow-up support for integration & ongoing  momentum.

The results you can have

  • Freedom from the hidden blocks that stop you from growing your income
  • Accelerate your business growth – attract more clients, get to the next level faster and save time
  • Get clarity & momentum –  when you're clear on your direction, you are more strategic, see next steps, and get faster results
  • Get focused and on purpose, let go of distractions – no more chasing bright shiny objects (those info products, courses & coaching that aren’t really working anyway—not until you get your blocks cleared)
  • Feel more confident, more willing to take risks, to step up and be heard
  • Energized for attraction -  with a clear plan and direction, with your blocks cleared, you have a magnetic energy that will draw your desires to you a whole lot faster and easier


Let’s set up a 15 minute conversation and I’ll help you decide where you should start. You can choose from the options below, or we can design a custom theme for you.

Shine Out & Prosper

So many women have a fear of being more visible and having a bigger presence.  It's time for you to stop being a well-kept secret, serve more people, make the difference you are here to make -- and earn more too.

Your clients can't find you if you're wearing an invisibility cloak! 

Does any of this sound like you? 

"I resist getting out there or being on video/stage"

"I keep changing my focus and my message or I just can't get clear?"

"I know I'm playing smaller, putting off taking action, and holding back."

"I'm afraid to be more visible--feels too exposed.  I don't want to brag or ‘toot my own horn’"

In this session I'll help you let go of your fears of being seen or being too much.  I'll give you tools so you can feel calm, safe and deeply grounded as you shine out more brightly.

Uncover the hidden beliefs and counter-intentions that keep you hiding and playing it safe. Change how you feel about “being seen” and start taking the actions to promote yourself and step out in a bigger way. 

Show up with a stronger presence and clearer message, more confident and magnetic—to client conversations, networking, teaching, selling from the stage, being interviewed, on podcasts, videos and online. 

Let your WHY inspire you to step up, shine out and make an impact. 

Income Growth

Clear your fears and limiting beliefs about what is possible for you.  I have a powerful 'backhoe' among my tools to help uncover hidden money blocks.  You may already know some of your blocks--but knowing is only the first step.  Plus, some of it is not obvious at all and would be hard, if not impossible, to clear on your own.   

Most of us have an income set-point that is unconscious and limiting our earnings. The common signs are: Your income is inconsistent or you have big ups and downs. Or you simply can't get it past a certain level--you've got a hidden set-point.

Often we have counter-intentions--like wanting to be more successful but afraid success will cost us our health or our marriage. Holding conflicting beliefs and being ambivalent about having more money or being more successful, lead to driving with the brakes on--slowing you way down.

There are money blocks that you've never heard of that can be impacting you too.  You may have financial or goal trauma...or be held back by family loyalties, generational patterns, limiting vows, or negative societal blueprints.

The words 'money' and 'success' are loaded--most of us have quite a lot of subconscious blocks to clear.  But don't be daunted--clearing one or two major blocks can make a huge difference.  You've got nothing to lose--except your limitations--and so much to gain!  Break free of the shame and self-blame, the fears and blocks. Liberate your true earning power and  create an empowered relationship with money.  

Believe in Your Value

WHEN will you feel worthy enough, deserving enough and talented enough to be recognized & rewarded?

Will you keep chasing more certifications and training--or will you claim your expertise and your value, and make offers from a place of confidence.   So many women struggle with feeling "Not Good Enough” no matter how hard they work or how many degrees they have. It's called the 'Impostor Syndrome': no matter how educated/experienced/skilled you are, you never feel legit or like a real expert.  

What else is possible when you claim your authority, when you know and resonate with your gifts and the true benefits of your work? 

Get grounded, centered and confident in your worthiness, stand in your value & results, get freed up to ask for and receive the recognition and higher pay you deserve.

 Break free of perfectionism, doubting voices, and second-guessing yourself. Let go of self criticism and comparing yourself to others, stop shrinking & apologizing for yourself.

We do a lot of clearing in this VIP Day and then your 30 day follow up coaching includes a special guided program to help you GET IT in your bones--to truly Know Your Value and Believe in Yourself.

You are MORE than enough and it's time to resonate and align with that. When you believe in you, the world will too.  This is YOUR time. 

What happens in a VIP Day

Your VIP DAY is a 4-hour intensive breakthrough day, via Zoom (video or by phone). (It can also be broken down into 2 separate sessions on consecutive days.) 
We talk first, and then dive in, to clear your hidden subconscious blocks. We will use special insight exercises and transformational processes. Depending on what you need, I choose from a very large toolkit—Resonance Repatterning, Ancestral Alchemy, Soul Clearing and vow/contract work, Tapping into Wealth Coaching, Feminine Presence work, and more.
We end the pattern of driving with the brakes on—where your subconscious mind is fighting your conscious choices. Finally, we get your conscious and subconscious mind aligned with your new exciting goals, so you can move forward, faster, with much more ease.
After a VIP Day, you’ll feel more empowered, confident, motivated and optimistic. You will be ‘switched on’ for clear, inspired action and magical, magnified results.


PRE-CALL We start with a 15 minute conversation -where are you, where do you need a shift, what are your goals for the VIP day?


We schedule your session and I send you a questionnaire which you complete and return to me.


In your session, we will clear your hidden blocks using special exercises and transformational processes.


Where needed, we may also discuss strategy and practical action steps. If you are doing the Clarity Attraction VIP Day, you’ll create a special “Strategic Attraction Plan” for magnetically attracting what you want and need.
After a VIP Day, you’ll feel more empowered, confident, motivated and optimistic. You will be ‘switched on’ for clear, inspired action and magical, magnified results.


ACTION TAKERS SPECIAL PRICING is just $597 through 12/31/2024

This program will eventually be priced at $697 or more. This is a true breakthrough day that can save you years and many dollars. You get stepped up results and business alchemy with this in-depth, extended laser focus. You get the benefits of my 20 years of doing this work—made far more powerful by the synergy of different parts of the day and my complete focus on you.

NEXT STEP: Call or email me to set up your 15 minute consultation.
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Let’s get this transformational party started!